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Directed, Produced, & Edited by Hank Jacobs

I love great music and the people that make it. 

SHINE - Dina ft. Italiano

SHINE - Dina ft. Italiano

This song and video is a true collaboration and labor of love. I could not think of a better time to birth this into the world than on my actual day of birth, TODAY, May 24th. May you go within and transmute any/all darkness into light so that you live a fulfilled and happy existence here on earth. Look out for the release on Spotify, iTunes, and all the platforms in the coming weeks! All information below can be found in the credits at the end of the video, please enjoy! Inspired by the living example of Sara Weidel who lives everyday as a hero who triumphs with self love and resilience. A special shoutout to President Amanda Ready of 'Ready to Empower.’ An incredible non-profit organization that provides developing nonprofit organizations with the necessary tools to support at-risk women to restore hope and self-reliance. 40% of proceeds delivered to this beloved organization Cast (in order of appearance) Kanishya Velez Villegas Garrain Jones Neilah Orro Dina Montefuscoli Aaron Hammersley Mayra Najera Carson Hill Jade Bartz Saray Paiva Kathleen Nguyen Steve Seinberg William Hill Jr. ITALIANO Amanda Bolin "The Cowboy” Nic McLaughlin Melanie Balke Justin Manimtim Arleen Torgersen Jina Song Producers and Contributors Alan Johnson Amy Caplan Andrew and Laura Esposito Arleen Torgersen Arthur Kanai Claudel Larose Danielle Adams Danielle Gleason David Boyd David Pollard David Walker Diane Sassano Ebony Jacobs Elena Zezima Felicita and Teodoro Montefuscoli Firesite Films Francesco Coli Gianni and Nicole Montefuscoli Gigi Chen Igor Madrit Issac Patrick Camoro James Lacerenza Jeffrey Laurence Jeremy Steidl Joanne Zezima Jody Pennette John Zambrano Jon DeMatteis Lauren Corrado Lisa Daubenhauser Loui Mirazo Luis Ruben Rodriguez Maria Zezima Marjorie Kahn Mark Swimm Matt Mickelson Melanie Balke Michael Beattie Michael O’Brien Michaelangelo D’Amico Morgan Axenfeld OZ Omen Pam Deckoff Stanley A. Moskowitz Cinematographer Edwin Escobar Director Edwin Escobar Assistant Director Dina Montefuscoli Editor Edwin Escobar Hank Jacobs Original Track Bryan Spitzer Sound Engineer Serafin El Revolucionario “Shine” Written and Performed By Dina Montefuscoli ITALIANO Sara Weidel
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